sexta-feira, 23 de março de 2012

Rua Sésamo parte 3/ Sesame street part 3

Aqui fica o final da série da rua sésamo, o Egas e o Becas. Espero que tenham gostado e que vos tenha animado a semana!
Bom fim de semana!

Here it is the last post of the sesame street serie, Ernie and Bert. I hope you had enjoyed it and that it made you smile during the week!
Have a nice weekend! 


Bichinhos na Cabeça

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  1. Hey! I sent you mine already and you're gonna laugh a lot when you get them - because there are two of them, and the explanation why, should get you laughing :) so I hope they will both get to you at the same time and if not please wait until you get both before you judge it :D
    I love your sesame street. It makes me feel like a child again and as usually you inspire me to start creating something on my own...:)

    1. Kasia, I can't wait to see what you create! What I love about blogging is to inspire people to try and make it themselves. I have actually only received one, two is too much!! Oh well I guess I will have to send you another one (yes!) :D

  2. Que linda produção, Sara! Amo as tuas fotos.
    Beijos e bom início de semana,

    1. Obrigada Vanessa, um dia também tens que experimentar esta técnica :D

  3. Hey Sara! There were 2 postcards, so which one did you get? On one of them there was no text because my mom took it without noticing that I haven't written it yet :) The other one had a huge stamp on the back.
    About the "autotherapy blog" - I made another blog only for myself, to blabber about problems because I noticed that writing it down helps me figure out the solution:)
    I'm waiting for more of your creations:))

  4. Olá querida.
    Ficaram tão giros! Bons tempos! :)
    M. Céu


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