sexta-feira, 27 de abril de 2012

Sobre um coelhinho... / About a bunny...

A verdade é que têm sido uns dias muito corridos, e apesar de haver tempo, enquanto não consegui ordenar tudo o que tinha para fazer, não consegui dar tanta atenção ao blog como queria.

Este coelhinho tem uma história por trás, eu e a minha amiga Maria andávamos em conflito por causa de um anel, então eu disse-lhe que se ela me deixasse ficar com o anel fazia-lhe um bonequinho. Como podem ver, tenho imenso jeito para negociar!
Bom fim-de-semana!

So the truth is that I have been running and running this past few days and despite I had some free time, until everything was in order, I couldn’t work on the blog like I wanted.

This little bunny has a funny story behind it, you see, my friend Maria and I were fighting over a ring, so I said to her that if I could have the ring, I would make her a little friend, so that she wouldn’t lose everything. So, you can see I’m very good making deals!
Have a nice weekend!

Bichinhos na Cabeça

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  1. Orrh! He is adorable!! What a lovely friend you are! Is he knitted or crocheted??

    Just out of curiosity, maybe you can help me Sara please? Still getting to grips with blogging, did you get my reply to your comment you left today on my blog?

    I am a little confused as to whether I put my reply on my own blog after comments left say by yourself, or go to the blog of who left the comment and leave it there? Do you get notify that I have replied. I'm all in a muddle of confusion. Would really appreciate your help or advise. RM xx

  2. The bunny is so sweet! Show us the ring :D

    1. hahahaha okey okey! It is actually two rings, you see, a friend ordered it from ebay and now we are waiting for it to come. There is one here already (the one I already have) and another coming! ;)

  3. Haha, that's a cute a deal. I love the bunny, he looks so happy and sweet! And I'd love to see the ring you secured in exchange for him :)

    1. Hi! It is really pink I think you will like it!

  4. Hi Sara, Hope your having a good weekend so far! It's still raining here but not stopping us from doing nice things. I just wanted to say 'Thank you so much' for taking the time to help me with answering my questions and maybe posting so easy crochet patterns ; ) All very much appreciated! Look forward to speaking to you soon. Take care xx


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