quarta-feira, 23 de maio de 2012

Uma vida aos quadradinhos / A squared life

Não sei como fazem, mas eu não consigo ir para a cama depois de ter estado a trabalhar, depois não consigo dormir bem, fico constantemente a pensar nos problemas que tive a resolver. É por isso que gosto de fazer os meus quadradinhos de crochet, porque me obrigam a esvaziar a cabeça e assim os bichinhos já vão mais contentes para a caminha. Visto que a mantinha já se andava a tornar muito quente para estes dias, decidi começar algo novo com linha em algodão.

Ando a experimentar fazer os quadradinhos, com duas cores.
E do meu livrinho do burro Barnabé, gostam?

I don’t know how you do it, but I can’t go to bed after I have been working late, I can’t sleep well and I can’t just stop to think about the problems. That is why I love to make my granny squares, because they force me to empty my head so that the little bugs can go to bed all happy and calm. Since it is being to hot to make my blanket this days, I decided to start something new in cotton.

I have been trying to do the squares with two colors.
And of my little donkey book, do you like it?

Bichinhos na Cabeça

20 comentários:

  1. Oi Sara!!
    Muito obrigada pela sua visita.
    Ah eu adorei seu blog e seus trabalhos.

    1. Olá Luciana! Muito muito obrigado, que querida :D

      Bom fim de semana! *(:

  2. these would make lovely little bottoms for beer in this weather!:)

    1. Yes actually you are right :D thanks for the idea!

  3. The two-coloured squares look really pretty :) And I totally love your use of book illustrations as background for photos, it's so cute.

    Er, an off-topic question... Do you receive a lot of spam comments? I was wondering if you'd consider changing your comments settings so that one doesn't need to type the verification code... I always forget I have to do it, click "post comment" and leave the page, just to realize my comment disappeared since I didn't prove myself to be human XD.

    1. Hi sweety how are you? you ARE right, I should take care of that, I always think I am not a very good blogger... I promise it will be done soon! Thanks for the lovely comment ;)

    2. Haha, thanks! Maybe it's rather that I'm a sloppy reader ;)

  4. Olá Sara! Parece-me bem este novo trabalho, vai ficar lindo :)

    1. Obrigado! Espero que tenhas um bom fim de semana!

  5. I just love your post Sara!! I'm desperate to learn how to make granny squares!! Your two tone idea is great! And I too, crochet to empty my head on a night time. Fab way to relax before I sleep! I also agree with Vita, your use of illustrations along with your makes, makes you posts very exciting. Where do you find all your beautiful books?

    Apologies for my late reply to your last comment. I hope uni is settling down for you?? You're so right though, organisation is definitely the key! I feel very disorganised, and that does always work well for me. Since returning from our adventures (which I'm desperate to post about), I have had a lot of catching up to do, at home, at work, with family. Gosh!! I feel like I have been chasing my own tail haha! Still haven't caught it!

    Look forward to seeing more Granny squares RM xx

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