domingo, 28 de dezembro de 2014

A roca / The distaff

Este ano ganhei uma roca no Natal.

Na altura em que o Miguel me perguntou o que queria para o Natal disse-lhe que queria uma roca – queria que ele me oferecesse uma roca porque faz parte o namorado oferecer a roca à namorada.
Na altura riu-se e disse que era impossível (as únicas rocas que vi à venda até hoje foi sempre no Minho). Entretanto falhei-lhe do site da Feira de Barcelos, um dos melhores projectos que vi nos últimos tempos mas o assunto ficou por ali e nunca mais pensei naquilo porque francamente não estava a pensar que fosse acontecer.

Eu que sigo afincadamente o blog vi que tinham feito uma roca e pensei “era mesmo esta!” mas nunca imaginei que afinal aquela roca fosse mesmo para mim. É simplesmente maravilhosa.

This year I’ve gotten a distaff.

By the time Miguel asked what I wanted for Christmas I told him I wanted a distaff since it is tradition that the boyfriend offers the distaff to the girlfriend.
At the time he laughed and told me that was impossible (the only distaffs we saw for sale were in Minho). Meanwhile I’ve told him about the website “Feira de Barcelos”, one of the coolest projects I’ve seen in a while however the subjected ended there and frankly I didn't thought about that anymore just because I couldn't see it happen.

Since I’m a big follower of their blog I actually saw they have made a distaff and thought “This is exactly what I need!” – little did I knew it was actually for me. It is simply amazing.

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  1. Awww that's so sweet he actually got you one in the end! BTW I might be in Lisbon in February for a week!

    1. Hello Vita!
      I'm sorry for taking so long to answer the e-mails and send you the things I hope I'll have time to take care of that soon!

      I was beyond glad to read you are coming here and if you do please tell me I would love to meet you and show you Lisbon! (:
      Stay well dear and happy new year!


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